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It has risen again!
Paranormal activity!

It has risen again!
The blood!
The fights!
The bites!

It has fallen again!
Smashing walls!
Broken bones!
Starving stomach!
Empty stomach!
Slashing flesh!
Shredded flesh!

The blood!
The pain!

The death of who?!
You tell me!
The death of what?!
I am not telling!

Yetunde George

twitter and instagram: @janvierjune


What do you know about death?
I have heard his voice…
What do you know about pain?
I have seen its silent screams…
Show me peace
And I will teach you what war is…
Show me love
And I will tell you what loss is…
What do you know about fear child?!
About lusts, visions and gallant dreams…

Can you tell me how the river flows
And the streams sows?
Whoever said life was too difficult
Should go back to where the souls are grown…

Go home my friend
And tell me you do not have problems!
Where do they come from?
I do not know!

What do you know about spoilt dreams
And broken seams?
Wake up and tell me the secrets of the universe
And I will follow you to where the wind blows…
Pick up your mat and sin no more!

Who gave you that right?!
No one!
But you take it and make it yours
I am nobody’s salve!
Are you?

Yetunde George

twitter and instagram: @janvierjune


A thousand and one small knives
Stuck in your guts…
Stuck in your heart…

They just still there and take turns to move
No holidays…
No breaks…
They just keeping stabbing…!
On and on!
They keep moving…!
They continue until you feel faint
Until you feel drained.

At this point you are at cross roads
Do you stay up or down?
The choice is yours!!

Yetunde George

twitter and instagram: @janvierjune

Stereotype this!


“Me in the rain and at the traffic light this morning,some random man beside me asked,”hey bro,where are you from”?…replying proudly…oh,Nigeria…”where the scammers come from”? He asked…hmnn,I will have a good day. “

The quote above was the June 4 Facebook post of my good friend Kunle Oloruntoba who lives in New Zealand. I myself have experienced such negative stereotyping; September 2014, I introduce myself to a Kazakhstani colleague in our training academy in Dubai. When he hears ‘I’m from Nigeria’ he immediately quips “oh! The land of Boko Haram” The good Lord knows how much I wanted to smack the smirk off his acned face.

All around the world, millions of Nigerians and Africans repeat these scenarios and the sensible ones like myself and Kunle have learnt to walk away and have ourselves a good day (lest we react violently and lend credence to the stereotype that ‘people of…

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Embrace the darkness…

Let it caress you sweaty skin
With its clammy hands as if you were its kin…

Let it hover over you…
Let it devour you…

Let it…
Let it…
Let it in…

Let me be…
Let Me Be…!

Feel the rush of my love
Get intoxicated by my blue love

Be my bride
Soak me in your blood, flesh, and bone.

Come over my love,
Let me make love to you in the dead of the night
Making beautiful music
With our screams and moans,
With our tears and blood,
With our sweat and fears.

We shall make it so beautiful
That it will bring dread into their souls…

Fly with me
Let me drain your very essence
And as we reach our climax with our souls as one
I shall make you mine for all eternity!

Come into me…
Let us reach the stars and beyond…
Beyond galaxies…
Beyond black holes…
Beyond the universe…

Then we shall celebrate our lust and passion,
The illusion of our souls as one…

Yetunde George

twitter and instagram: @janvierjune


I, Pride :- I have none.

Myself, Shame :-  I have lots.

Me :- I am half done.

We :- I have thoughts.

Us :- There is no one.

You, Decision :- Got on the bus.

Them :- Have seen us.

They :- Have buts.

Yetunde George

twitter and instagram: @janvierjune


In my mind’s eye,
I cut myself
So deep…
I puncture a vein…

In my mind’s eye,
I punch the wall
Till my knuckles bleed…
Until I break my bones…

In my mind’s eye,
I whip myself
Till I feel nothing…
Until I am unconscious…

In my mind’s eye,
I set myself in fire…
I burn to death…

In my mind’s eye,
I jump into the ocean
I cannot swim…
I cannot breathe…
I drown.

In my mind’s eye,
I jump off a cliff
Because I want to be FREE!!!

All these
ONLY in my mind’s eye
These are my deadly fantasises
These are my hunted dreams…

Death is peaceful…
Life is not!

Yetunde George

twitter and instagram: @janvierjune


These wounds never heal,
These wounds never go away,
You wear them like a prize through life,
They are your lessons of wisdom,
To be drawn from whenever need be.

They are your pride,
Your right of passage,
And without them,
You will never be wise.

These wounds stay with you,
They keep you company,
They remind you when you forget.

They pat you on your back when progress comes,
And drag you backwards if you let them.

They teach you not to be otherwise,
To let go and move on.
They make you learn
That some things are not worth it…
These wounds never heal,
They never go away…

Old chapters of life,
The hunted places in our hearts,
Memories buried,
Days forgotten,
Mistakes to be remembered.

These old wounds NEVER die!

Yetunde George

twitter and instagram: @janvierjune


Beware so you do not drown in the silent screams of the future…
Be wary of the five stages of loss…
One for the money,
Two for the show,
Three to get laid,
Four to go,
Five to get buried,
And then you’ll know!

That in the end all that is left is you and  your mirror…
Nothing can save you now look in the mirror!
Not pleasure, or pain,
Not treasure, or gain!

Because live never dies,
Try not to judge me grief says…
Try not to kill me it says…
For I bring you a gift…
In the end you shall get Eternal Peace!

Rest In Peace Dad…

Yetunde George

twitter and instagram: @janvierjune


Gaints in Christ
Gaints for Christ

His blood shed for us…
His love saved us…
His sacrifice redeemed us…

For life eternal
For joy eternal
For peace eternal

We walk tall because there is hope
…there is mercy…
…there is forgiveness…

With him there is strenght and grace.
For he is the way…
The truth…
The light…
The only way to the father.

Our refuge,
Our helper,
Our comforter,
Our protector,
Our saviour.

Without him where will we all be today?